Why Choose Us

Several SDRG Controls projects are aimed at the pulp and wood industries. Our manufacturers have, for instance, used timber products to create pulp, which is then turned into particle board. They are then cut into pieces that are the right size and shape for furniture construction by us.

Our Past Work

We have also worked with customers where we programmed several PLCs to laminate particle boards. A blank board's size is entered by the operator ranging from 4 by 8 feet to 6 by 12 feet and varying in thickness. Multiple optical encoders are used to set the rollers within the device for different sizes and thicknesses. After the dimensions have been dialed in using the HMI (Human Machine Interface), it will take the machine about one and a half minutes to adjust the ball screws to the desired dimensions.

The machine is loaded with 50 boards onto the input. Next, the boards are rolled through the processing line. After the glue applicator coats the panels, the glue is then prepared by the heater. We then apply the laminate paper and press it on. Rotary sanders are used to trim off excess laminate.  Out of spec panels are sent to a reject pile.  Good panels are stacked in bundles for the customers.