Water Treatment Systems

SDRG Controls automates water treatment systems. A majority of these systems take dirty water and clean it to remove contaminants, oil, dirt, grime, and chemicals so that it meets the requirements to be discharged to sump, wastewater treatment facilities, and city sewer systems. We remove solids, contaminants, oil, and other materials from our systems. A pH and salinity adjustment is also performed.

Our Process

Following the removal of floating oil and solids, the water is then treated with coagulants and flocculants to remove remaining unwanted materials. Separation of undesirable components is further facilitated by air assistance and various weirs. Filter presses separate liquids and solids so that undesirable solids can be removed. In some cases, liquids need further processing, and solids are compacted for shipping to land fills.

Biological degradation by algae or other means can be used to further process liquids. To ensure that the finished waste water meets the discharge standards, probes and sensors measure the liquid quality. Automatically stored data about chemical processes, materials quantities, and flow rates are available to regulators and management for the purpose of keeping track of processing and flow.