Why Choose Us

This broad topic covers many diverse projects through SDRG Controls’ many years of control systems design and construction. We have worked on rail projects, both large and small. We have worked with small train systems which serviced a restaurant district which was a great attraction for kids. We also worked on train systems at chemical plants and petroleum processors. These systems employed safety systems not generally used on normal rail sidings or passenger trains. They help trains carrying chemicals from having issues with road trucks and chemical carriers.
We have designed and built railroad detection systems for trolleys that service resort areas. These systems used non-contact wireless detection systems. The controls project involved both the stationary equipment such as loop antennas and power systems and mobile systems on the trolleys. The controls allowed the trolley operator to switch tracks depending on need.

Other Work We Have Done

We have also provided controls for several mobile systems used for surveillance, traffic control, and monitoring at construction sites. The mobile systems were often battery-powered, with remote surveillance cameras, warning lights, flood and beacon lights, and remote monitoring. SDRG provided handheld remote controls as well as computer, tablet, and internet control and monitoring. SDRG has built many systems for construction sites. Some had “B” size printers to print documents and drawings on-site, as well as camera drones to document site progress or survey traffic. The list of units and features goes on and on.