How we started

SDRG Controls has produced a number of projects involving steel.  Some of the projects involved the fabrication of control systems which help in the bending, fabrication, and cutting of steel used to make steel products.  Others were directly involved in the actual processing, manufacturing and blending of steel and steel alloys.  Still others were involved in providing controls used in forming the shapes and testing of the steel materials.

SDRG Controls produced equipment which would aid in the manufacture of steel machines.  It would help in holding, bending and wielding steel for other machines.  It would automate repetitive fabrication steps, relieving the burden so that skilled labor could do the more complex tasks.

Steel Knowledge

Steel has many properties which must adhere to specific requirements to be meet grading of steel standards.  It must have the correct amount of each component materials.  It must melt and become payable at specific temperatures.  It must have properties which resist corrosion, and degradation by specific substances such as corrosion or rust resistance.  It also must the correct compression and tensile strength.