How We Started

The last quarter of the 1900's saw a big boost in plastics production. SDRG Controls followed this development and provided major support for control of plastics equipment. We started with injection molding and followed it as the industry grew into the manufacturing of many different plastics materials.

Our Support

SDRG Controls has helped our customers from the manufacture of the various plastics materials to the manufacture of the completed products using these materials. We have helped molding, extrusion, film manufacturing and various other suppliers of intermediate products. We helped with equipment that handled plastics materials as well as equipment used in the process of manufacturing a variety of intermediate and finished products.

Our History

SDRG Controls has helped the plastics industry in many ways. In this example we showed how the plastics industry grew and SDRG Controls grew with it. We started with a simple injection molding machine which made simple parts. It then grew to the handling of plastic materials from pellets and manufacturing through the process of producing products and trimming up those products for sale to the final customers.