Our Background With Oil and Petrleum

SDRG Controls has participated in the oil and petroleum business sectors working with clients in areas from drilling in the ground, to refinement, to      finished products.  We have helped a number of customers with manufacture of drill pipe and related devices to equipment which prepared specific drilling  fluids.  In fact, we made special equipment which blended drilling fluids right at the customer’s site so if conditions changed, the fluid composition could    be adjusted directly at the site.

When SDRG Controls assisted manufacturers of drill pipe we were involved in many facets of the process.  These included cutting pipe to size and  upsetting  the ends to accept the box and pin ends.  We made equipment that helped with heat treating the ends after they were friction welded by  equipment we serviced. We also worked with heat treating the whole pipe and developed a system which controlled the pipe speed as it is quenched since  the wall thickness changes from one end to the other.  Also, we provided a data gathering and logging system so the production of each pipe could be analyzed and could be retrieved for future analysis.

 A Brief History With Oil and Petroleum

Early in the history of SDRG Controls, pipe lines were being built and lain across the Alaskan wilderness to transport oil and natural gas from the northern  petroleum rich fields to the lower 48 United States.  One of the  companies was in Baytown, Texas. They made large diameter pipe for one of the natural  gas pipelines.  In order to test the steel used to make this pipe, they cut it into specific shapes to pull test it.  In the early 1980's we built the controls which  operated the cutting machine.