What We Provide For Nuclear Energy

SDRG Controls provides a wide variety of controls for many industries. We provide controls for the nuclear industry, but not specifically the manufacture of nuclear reactors and their support equipment. A number of corporations in the US provide manufacturing of nuclear reactors and facilities and they are highly regulated. We provide support equipment for mining, refining, testing, disposal, monitoring and detection equipment for the nuclear industry.

SDRG Controls provides support for the nuclear industry and uses radiation sources which meet all of the standards regulations as defined by the nuclear regulatory commission and other such agencies. We use detection devices which meets the standards and produce special equipment within those regulations.  Within those standards we provide instruments, monitors, and safety devices as required by the standards.

A Brief History With Nuclear Energy

SDRG Controls provided a ventilation control system for a nuclear waste site in New Mexico. The system insured that fresh air was provided to the storage tunnels. Another supplier provided an alarm and monitoring system for contamination. One day a series of unfortunate events resulted in an alarm sounding. This is the history of that facility.