Our History With The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing has made up a large part of SDRG Controls' history.  Items like oil, wood, plastics, and steel projects often relate to manufacturing intermediate items for the manufacturing of goods. In this sense, this category includes a number of related fields. We do not produce any manufacturing controls for final goods because packaging equipment handles these tasks. Our focus is instead on manufacturing controls for intermediate products usually utilized by other manufacturers.

Our products are not generally used to package oil products. Still, We provide control systems used in the drilling, processing, and blending of oil products. SDRG does not typically deliver projects involving baked goods or plastic products, but rather controls the machinery that makes, combines, and mixes the materials. Sometimes we fix or modify packaging equipment, but this is a vast field of expertise.

Punch Press Regulations

In one of the videos under manufacturing, SDRG incorporated modern safety equipment into an old punch press. OSHA standards are constantly updated to ensure the health of workers. That was the case in this instance. Steel is bent and cut using presses throughout the manufacturing industry. Many accidents occurred when a person's free hand was in the wrong place when the press closed, according to OSHA. It was decided to force both hands to be used when closing the press. This idea was known as THNTD (Two Hands No Tie Down). In order to close the press, the operator must press two buttons situated at a distance from each other. Pushing them simultaneously and releasing them every cycle are necessary. SDRG installed this critical safety feature on this press.