Our Support

SDRG Controls has participated in the chemical business sectors working with many clients in the Greater Houston area and beyond.  We have helped a number of customers with both support services, such as utility controls, and directly with systems that control the chemical process. We have worked with a variety of controllers, both PLCs and DCSs from a variety of manuafacturers, as well as various operator interface products.

At one chemical plant we provided a variety of services and systems. Process units and utilities used different control equipment, and SDRG provided upgrades and services for each. This included a DeltaV DCS system with several operator stations that primarily serviced the utilities, to older Rosemount RS3 systems, redundent Modicon controllers, Allen-Bradley SLC PLCs, and a variety of individual machine controllers. SDRG also helped with integrating Fieldbus instruments into the systems, as well as adding new features for new processes.

Our History with Chemicals

SDRG worked with a variety of different chemical manufacturers. Many made intermediate chemicals that were provided to other plants that were used in their processes. Some made batches, while the majority had continuous reactions. Many made a wide variety of products, with different process areas having special needs. SDRG provided a number of different solutions to meet the individual customers needs and priorities.