Baking Related Needs

SDRG Controls supports numerous baking-related clients. From fresh baked breads and rolls for local restaurants to boxed, shelf stable items for commercial bakeries. We also build many systems for prepping minor ingredients measured for inclusion into large mixing systems. Large bakeries use these to manufacture cookies, crackers, tarts, and snacks. Similarly designed panels are used to manufacture non-food items, such as concrete, plaster, and chemicals.

Our Process

SDRGs serial production process was born out of the last group of minor ingredient Batchers instead of our custom control systems. The mass production of a control cabinet enables us to build it to our specifications and economically fine tune it to our customer's requirements. We designed our own software in addition to our serial produced control hardware, which operates like a PLC on a personal computer. Its design works with many generic input and output systems.

SDRG Batchers

Several locations in the United States use these general purpose Batchers. SDRG Batchers are concentrated in the central and eastern states. In these bakeries, a half dozen Batchers will be placed at the front of the line, where raw ingredients are measured and mixed. Recipes are stored on 3.5 inch disks, which can be transferred to various machines. As the dough is mixed, it passes through extruders or molds. Afterwards, the biscuits are baked in the tunnel oven, cooled, and packaged.