NUCLEUS Workflow

In today's fast evolving global marketplace the time span between development and implementation of plans grow shorter as resources become scarce. Employees need a plan to assign tasks and meet critical deadlines. NUCLEUS Workflow automates this process.NUCLEUS Workflow's management system streamlines the flow of information between people and workgroups. NUCLEUS Workflow is a software application that assists in untangling the logistics of complex projects involving multiple approval steps. To create a workflow request using NUCLEUS simply gather the related information needed to make a decision, describe the objective, assign the necessary routing and send your request through the companies e-mail system. As the request is processed each comment and revision, approvals or rejections become apart of the audit trail and permanently part of the companies records. NUCLEUS Workflow eliminates the conflicts and excuses associated with the usual paper process. Tracking a projects trail becomes a simple task when management, government or other regulatory organizations require a complete audit trail. With standards like OSHA 1910, ISO certifications or others presenting a complete audit trail is no longer a choice but a matter of economic survival.