NUCLEUS for Instruments

By SDRG Controls Inc.

NUCLEUS for Instruments manages your Instrument specifications, links to your documents and equipment and is by SDRG Controls Inc.

In this fast paced information age where process safety management and OSHA require ready access to all of your instrumentation information NUCLEUS for Instruments links all of your critical data on equipment, purchases,  instrumentation, drawings, specifications and manuals together.  It provides Instrumentation Soceity of America S20 style specification sheet in user defined categories.  Unlike the S20 specification sheets, it includes the loop number on the form so that NUCLEUS for Instruments can group loops together and print loop lists.  It gives you the ability to develope your own specialized spec sheets based upon the ISA S20 format.  This allows you to set-up data to your needs.  Not forcing you to mold your information into a system defined by others. You buy the modules you need for your plant.  All modules are fully integrated together.  You link the data together in a manner that is natural for your people.   This speeds the learn curve and gets you faster return on your investment in the system.  We can provide services to even further speed up the implementation process.   This system is designed for you and your needs.  The modules provide printed reports for the ISA S20 style specifications, categories and data you have entered.

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