NUCLEUS Technical Information Software Suite

By SDRG Controls

HARD HAT SOFTWARE for Serious Technical Information

Whether you operate a facility, manufacturing plant or refinery your organization has invest many manhours and thousands upon thousands of dollars on technical information.   This investment is lost if you and you colleagues can not find, review and use this information.  The NUCLEUS Technical Information Suite insures that you investment is not lost and is ready for use when it is needed.

If your organization started a new grassroots facility you would begin with preliminary drawings and equipment data.  You would develop a wealth of technical information.   This data would be cataloged into NUCLEUS for Documents.  As the design developed you would issue engineering change notices and hope all of the disciplines would review the change.  NUCLEUS Workflow circulates these reviews with all the the necessary documents.  The review be civil, electrical and mechanical engineers is documented and the date and time of their approval is noted.  As Equipment and instrumentation specifications are developed the spec's are entered into NUCLEUS for Equipment and Instruments.  All of the related data such as performance curves, detailed design drawings, purchase orders, and manuals are linked to the specification sheets.  In this manner the whole group of data for the complete facility is connected and ready for use before the first piece of equipment is ever started.   Once completed, the maintenance history and requests for repairs as well as preventative maintenance schedules are entered into NUCLEUS CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).