NUCLEUS for Documents

Nucleus for Documents is a powerful software solution for the management of documentation by SDRG Control Inc.

In today's world of electronically stored information locating a specific document can be an endless and sometimes futile search through network volumes, directories and sub-directories. The ability to manage the flow and storage of information throughout an organization can give a company the competitive edge in today's business climate. NUCLEUS for Documents is an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) software solution to the problem of organizing, locating and viewing the immense document flow of your average business. NUCLEUS for Documents efficiently manages files created from a vast array of applications as well as allowing retrieval of these files with great ease, speed and flexibility. Using NUCLEUS for Documents assures that the user "sees" the current version of any document and that only selectively cleared individuals can modify a document or configure the system. NUCLEUS for Documents is designed to not only handle technical data, engineering drawing formats and documentation; it will compile your business data, accounting information, purchase information and correspondence as required. NUCLEUS will link together the above information to help you build a complete project.