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Are the words: Industrial Controls, SCADA, MMI. HMI, DCS, PLC, Relay Panel, Technical Information, ISO-9000, OSHA 1910, PSM, GMP, CAD/CAE, EDMS, WorkFlow, Instrumentation or NUCLEUS important to you?

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We are specialists in industrial control system hardware and software and Technical Information Systems.

Count on SDRG Controls for the highest quality and most complete technical support for engineering, technical information, and controls.

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SDRG is your high quality supplier of Industrial Controls, Process Control System and Automation.




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  • Modicon, Sq D, Telemechnique - AEG Group Sneider
  • Toshiba
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Presenting the NUCLEUS line of Technical I

nformation Management Software

Don't let this happen to your Plant!! The NUCLEUS Suite of Technical Information Software can help with PSM, RPM, and Management of Change.